When I start a company.

  • Do not get an office.

    Use communal spaces for times we must meet and work in-person. Use the internet and computers for everything else.

  • Do not get phones for people.

    If people don’t have phones, they don’t need one. Use their personal numbers.

  • Do not buy “company” computers.

    Give them a stipend to buy their own machine or they can use one they have. You wouldn’t be hiring them if they didn’t have their own machine.

  • Do not get business cards.

    Use peoples individual cards. If you’re the founder, then your personal card probably has the business logo on it.

  • Use google apps.

    To get your names at your domain. but just forward that to individual email addresses.

  • When we need to meet with clients.

    Take all the rent for an office and shelves and such we’ve saved, and go to a swanky place. or a dive bar.

I think the point is that the individual brand is here. When you hire someone, you are hiring them. The people they know. The brand they have and are. Don’t spend all this time building up a facade brand of the your company version of said person.