The web is change.

I agree with @rem about people sh!tting or getting off the ie6 pot. His recent thoughts on the tail of some youngings ramblings seems to have caught an edge, gotten retweeted, etc.

While we’re at it – when IE6 does eventually die, who’s going to do the find and replace on all the blog posts from IE6 to IE7, then IE7 to IE8, etc.?

Exactly. The simple fact is, this isn’t about ie6. No, srsly, it isn’t.

Remember when Chrome happened? And Firefox before that? And Safari before that? The browser wars are over. Thanks to @zeldman and large, vocal, mild-mannered standarista crew, we have a stable landscape upon which new technology and new agents (browsers) can be born.

And this is a fantastic way for it to be.

This is why feature (and not agent) detection is now a viable approach. This is why things like html5 reset and boilerplate can thrive in this era of html5 in which we find ourselves at this moment. And maybe to some extent the wonderful phenomenon of git and github. And node. The web is electric again.

We are about to be swallowed (or hugged perhaps?) by the proliferation of the web to such a diverse sea of devices upon which people (and machines!) will interact as to make now the most exciting time to ever be in this business.

There will always be old agents (browsers) that require data to justify support. Just as there will always be new agents that fit that same bill.

The phenomenon of ie6 is not some hold over relic from how things used to be, it is a ever-present manifestation how how the web is.

It is vital. It is change. It is stimulating. And it is awesome.