Personal Inventory: Take Three.

It’s funny how things can change. After almost two full days of almost no activity, I had a run in with my neighbors. A couple of lovely ladies who were very interested in looking at my stuff. They have purchased the TV & Stand, and likely the iPod radio.dock/system.

It’s only a couple items, but man what a difference a little progress makes for the feelings and whatnot.

The property will be hosting a moving sale this weekend! Sitting in the sun with music and beer, welcoming all comers; Accepting all offers. I expect a fun time.

A couple other miscellanious items have sold as well. Still looking to sell ol’ Red, the bed, the dresser, and the trunkish coffee table (everybody loves the truckish coffee table, have two hesitant interests).

The Salvation Army pickup is scheduled for Monday for whatever doesn’t sell.

On a semi-related note, I’ve become hyper-budget conscious. Shocker huh? And had been noticing a trend in my spending per day. Today I happened to catch a post about “per diem” budgeting techniques, which fit nicely. I shall post more about more aspects of this process as the adventure continues.

Hopefully it will help someone.

The pack test (metioned previously) was a worthwhile endeavor. I have a much more quantifiable sense of just what will fit in the car. A plan emerged. I can take 8 small boxes, with back seats slipped down, 4 on each side, with enough space in the middle for the guitars and some random items. I’m thinking shoes. The hatchback currently has a case of Seventh Generation toilet paper (unfortunate order timing), another small box (some towels from gaiam), and two bins which have some random music gear and other detritus I’ve already forgotten.

This leaves the front passenger seat. The plan is the for the pack to sit up on the floor, and other items on the seat. I currently plan to use my small day pack for things I’ll want at the ready for the drive.

This still leaves some manner of items without a place. There are two contingency plans. First: I am a wonder packer. I expect to find more room when it comes down to it. And second: postage. If needed I can ship a couple boxes to myself. Kinda like time traveling.

I’ve recently pre-cleared my bathroom and kitchen. Everything that is, is out. This was already the case with the living room. All that’s left is a small amount of items in the bedroom.

If you want this story from the beginning, it all start with the “if i only had N things” post.

Upcoming tasks may include: digitize CDs before trip?, parse and reduce important paper quantity, the sentimental journey through things that may not matter but that feel very important (I don’t keep cards. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you, it’s just that they’re silly to keep. Though, I still have the card the team gave me on my last day at pop. I’m going to keep that a little while before recycling it.), and frames/photos/art oh my. I’m keeping my Jenny prints. I got 84 and 85.

More soon. For now – into the remains of the sun!