Personal Inventory: Take Four.

It’s been a whirlwind few days. I’m still sitting on the big three items, ol’ Red, the bed, and the dresser. I’m quite literally still sitting on ol’ Red right this moment. But many things have moved.

One irishbeth and her friend kevin took the trunkish coffee table (many people wanted it, kevin gets to enjoy it!), as well as many random items for what I was told was beth’s new place. Things like the fan, the two cute lamps, some kitchen stuff, and the card table. It was a great experience.

Then this morning, the table lamp was taken to a good home via a brief but pleasant exchange, as well as the PS2 set. I got to chat with this cool dude named Byron (?) who talked a bit about moving, how he went to europe for a year in 2004 when you-know-what-happened again, and how he might get back into genetics with Obama in office.

The big items have been re-listed with further discounted prices, much lower and I may just donate to charity as the taxable write-off may be worth more than taking any less cash.

But for now, the sale is planned for tomorrow with other folk/renters from the property (stop by!), sent out invites for other friend folk to come by and hang out, and my departure time is slated for either late Monday night, or early Tuesday morning. I almost can’t imagine the moment of driving away.

Remaining Listworthy: making in person contact with current landlord and president of condo board, eating some delicious brunch (go oats!), being available for stuff sales, packing a bit more in the car to get to a more granular sense of remaining space (but it’s looking very good (deciding to loose all my books saved me about 1.5 small boxes worth, previously trending over by about 2, so, i have that going for me. which is nice.)), starting to plan apartment cleaning, listing a few more miscellaneous items, and enjoying the sun and this neighborhood before I leave it for a while.

Eaten oats for breakfast about five days in a row. Why don’t people know about the power of oats? Go oats! Goats?

Also: planning on some summary posts about the logistics of this first step on this new adventure. Costs, timeline, things that worked well, things that didn’t, and any insights (if any). Maybe it will be helpful. My stomach has a date with some oats.