Moving Sale

We’re moving! It’s true. We’re also selling a bunch of stuff. Perhaps you’d like to buy some of it? Perfect, you are in the right place! We’ve got a bunch of craigslist ads, and a nice higher-resolution set of photos on flickr:

If you’re interested please email me. And actually, even if you’re not, please email me and let me know that as well. Thanks.

Midcentury Pinkish/ Red couch circa 1960’s, $100

  • 2 piece sectional.
  • 9 feet long, 3 feet wide.
  • Ad link: soon

Midcentury Stereo/ Record Player, $30

  • General Electric brand.
  • Radio works, record player needs work.
  • Good shape.
  • Nice piece.
  • Ad link: soon

Three Midcentury side tables, $10 each, $20 all three

  • Two tiered.
  • Dark color.
  • Ad link: http://

Red Director chair, $10

  • Leather and metal.
  • Great shape.
  • Ad link: http://

Red side table or plant table, $5

  • Three feet tall (3′).
  • Wood. Super clean.
  • Ad link: http://

Brown suede bean bag cude, $20

  • About one foot square.
  • Super versatile. Use as an ottoman, kid chair, or minimalist handy seat.
  • Ad link: http://

Mid century white lamp, $15

  • Comes with CLF bulb.
  • Great shape, including shade.
  • Ad link: http://

Midcentury black Eames replica, $25

  • Custom back cushion.
  • Low profile/sleek.
  • Great shape.
  • Ad link: http://

1950’s Yellow velvet bench, $20

  • I found this at an antique store.
  • Low profile/sleek.
  • One leg is a little loose and needs work.
  • Super cute piece.
  • Ad link: http://