How I want the cloud to work.

Today was the Amazon Prime Photos announcement. There’s Dropbox upping it’s limit a while ago. And iButt re-pricing and family sharing. I’m sure there’s a Microsoft butt thing too. But here’s the thing: None of these things works like I want them to work.

Maybe it’s because I’m in the midst of dealing with a small iButt fucknest. I’m currently running on a backup from my 5 from September 22, because when I signed in to my new 6 on September 23, I only had photos back to August, 2014. Which is about two years+ worth of photos gone. But really, everything will be okay.

Here’s how I want my butt to work:

  1. Media from every device is automatically pushed to my account.
  2. Each device has a adjustable threshold of time that media will remain on the device.
  3. Each device can act on any bit of media in 4 ways:
    1. Keep local, a la like. This media will remain on this device.
    2. Keep everywhere, a la favorite. This media will be pushed to every device.
    3. Delete local, a la archive. This media will be pushed to account, and deleted from device.
    4. Delete everywhere, a la Delete. This media will be, well, deleted from everywhere.

That’s it. I don’t want to have to have the available space on all devices for my entire account. That defeats the entire purpose of my butt.

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