We can work it out.

I’ve been at this web game for over a decade. It has been a great ride, with many awesome projects and clients along the way. This large catalog of work has given me a perspective of the larger landscape that all this web work gets done within, and all of the things worth considering. What about this? Did we remember that? Sometimes knowing the question is the trick.

Freelance work is a place where I get to be intimately involved with client needs and the solution that is best for them. The first step is usually figuring out what value it has for your business. And learning all about your business is one of the most fascinating parts of my job.

My freelance contract rates start at $100 an hour. I have a business license and can send you personal (and pretty) invoices. It’s a nice even number, it’s easy to do math with, and it’s a great place from which to start a conversation.

Our time is valuable, and we need to respect each other. A significant contract rate helps us both do so. I am sure to be on task and efficient when working for you, and you will be sure to keep me busy. We are both set up to succeed.

That said, I work on a sliding scale. I’ve done solo projects upwards of $5,000, pro bono work, production, web application development, flat rate projects, testing, HTML emails, identity development, business paper packages, website design, user personas, wireframes, functional documentation, QA, basically whatever it takes to get the best possible work done. It’s all about the work, the client, and the vision.

This is truly the best job ever, and I bet if you start a conversation we can work it out.