Geo Location API Data Aggregator (G.L.A.D.A.)

Now. Here. This! (a.k.a. GLADA) is a web application which uses the Geo Location API to to retrieve content within a radius of your location. The Geo Location API is supported in webkit and mozilla, so it is functional in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. The user interface is currently baked to the iPhone.

Looking so submit feedback, bugs, or feature requests? We’re on Get Satisfaction.

The first version went from idea to completed product in five days. You can find this original version at

We’ve since done some code refactoring and added the “custom locations” feature. You can find this version at

And we’ll always keep the latest instance at

Gary Bedell busted out the Now. Here. This! identity, helped with the button styles, and is generally awesome.

We’re currently aggregating data from Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and Foursquare. Got a service you’d like supported? Email me. We’ve got a road map too:

  • UI support for Android.
  • UI support for desktops.
  • Additional services.
  • Service configuration (pick which 4 to show by default).
  • Services layer to allow for real-time data updates.
  • Ability to add registered users (allows oauth to services to get more data (e.g. 4s friend data), and more services (e.g. Facebook is closed without auth).
  • Produce a more formal UI which incorporates new features (registration, service authentication and configuration, friends, etc.).
  • Develop native OS app containers which talk to existing web service (would provide more device integration, but keep the SOA).
  • Add ability for users to throw geo-data into their own streams (Twitter, Flickr, Delicious/Pinboard/Zoo, Tumblr, Posterous, Facebook, etc.).
  • Add ability for users to provide feedback about geo-data (save, like, dislike, etc).
  • Allow users to broadcast their position to the network (e.g. at a pho restaurant, see that someone else is there who’s not friend but is sharing, can directly browse their public geo-data which they’ve acted upon (liked, saved, shared, etc.).

Additional Dev Notes:

  • We’re currently only accessing public API data which requires no authentication by the user.
  • As this uses the Geo-Loc API, it’s only supported in agents which support that, so webkit (chrome & safari) and latest Firefox.
  • The app falls back to a “Downtown Seattle” location for other agents (e.g. IE), but the UI is currently baked to iOS.
  • Recommend we try user registration, service authentication and configuration on desktops first.
  • Having the data update in real-time is where it gets more interesting. We should use web-sockets for this and push the polling to the server.