Treehugger, mobile first.

I’m a TreeHugger fan, and have been for some time. They were the place to go for all things green for quite sometime, and they’re still relevant today. At some point, I engaged @TreeHugger in a few brief exchanges about accessing their site on mobile (as well concerns). I’m sure one could find this information […]

Say When? Film Trivia in 10k.

OMGPonies. I got to participate in this years 10k contest sponsored by Mix Online and An Event Apart. Erik Hicks, Seattleite developer, helped with the YQL & storage bits. My employer, Tag Creative, was super supportive of the Say When? project, and helped pushed to make it even better. It was basically a love-fest here […]

Geo Location API Data Aggregator (G.L.A.D.A.)

Now. Here. This! (a.k.a. GLADA) is a web application which uses the Geo Location API to to retrieve content within a radius of your location. The Geo Location API is supported in webkit and mozilla, so it is functional in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. The user interface is currently baked to the iPhone. Looking so […]