The Diet: Change Making Pt 1

Two thousand fifteen has been an interesting year. The best Seattle summer in the last twenty-two years — climate change is working out nicely here, for now; Nine camping trips — with cameos from deer, bear, and hunting owls alike; And another year of kids growing up — and more distant. Sometime in early March […]

How I want the cloud to work.

Today was the Amazon Prime Photos announcement. There’s Dropbox upping it’s limit a while ago. And iButt re-pricing and family sharing. I’m sure there’s a Microsoft butt thing too. But here’s the thing: None of these things works like I want them to work. Maybe it’s because I’m in the midst of dealing with a […]

Recycle your machines.

The inversion in thinking is this: you’re not paying for the new machine, you’re paying for the depreciation of value of the machine you already own.